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Redefining standards
With anillustrious legacy spanning nearly five decades, Mtandt has consistentlydelivered top-tier solutions to the construction and manufacturing industries,explains 

Rakesh Modi, Chairman, MtandtGroup.

Efficiency,safety, and sustainability are paramount in the dynamic construction landscape.At the forefront of this transform READ MORE.....
Limited by design...or, thinking?
Construction professionalsmust put on their six thinking hats when deciding which of the two mostdemanding materials in terms of energy required to produce them is to be usedto ensure a smaller carbon footprint.

The genuine initiatives aboutmigrating towards sustainable concrete building pre-casting is an excellentone, must face the inevitable burden of using two of the most dem READ MORE.....
Setting newer benchmarks, time and again
Thestory of Kirby India is an exploration of innovative solutions, groundbreakingprojects, and strategic partnerships that have propelled Kirby to the forefrontof the PEB industry.


Whatbegan as a manufacturing powerhouse of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) hastranscended into a holistic solution provider exemplifying Kirby India’scommitment to evolving wi READ MORE.....
Achieving Higher Grounds
The utilization of various cutting-edgetechnologies has ushered in a new era of elevator safety, fundamentallychanging the traditional reactive approach to safety into a proactive andpredictive endeavour.

Elevator safety has become of paramount concernas the demand for taller structures grows and urban infrastructure becomesincreasingly intricate. Technological adv READ MORE.....
Poised for sustained growth
The Indian HVACmarket presents expansive opportunities for growth, attracting the interests ofboth local and international players, writes Kishore Patil.

“Technologyinnovations emerge as beacons of hope, particularly in automation and smartsystems, which optimize processes and reducing dependence on manual labour.”

-&nb READ MORE.....
Driving Efficiency
SCHWING, with its cutting-edge Transit MixerSolution, sets the gold standard for quality and uniformity in concrete mixing.

In the dynamic realm of construction equipment,concrete transit mixers emerge as indispensable allies, seamlessly blending andtransporting concrete across job sites. As we navigate the terrain of 2024 andbeyond, SCHWING, an eminent figure in t READ MORE.....
Mtandt Group Partners with CO.ME.T. Officine to Expand Product Portfolio and Reach

Mtandt Group, a global leader for equipmentin construction and infrastructure solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategicpartnership with CO.ME.T. Officine, a renowned manufacturer of aerial workplatforms (AWPs) and industrial equipment. This collaboration marks asignificant milestone in Mtandt's journey towards enhancing its productofferings and expanding its market presence wor READ MORE.....
Re-imagining the future of manufacturing
In 2024, manufacturing willbe shaped by a combination of technical advancements, sustainability requirements,and flexible approaches, writes FransVan Neikerk. Adopting these trends helps the sector move towards a moresustainable and customer-focused future while also increasing operationalefficiency and productivity.

“Manufacturers respond tothe growing demand for enviro READ MORE.....
Shaping a world that is environmentally pure
Decreasingemissions by adopting sustainable practices in the Construction Industry is theneed of the hour, believes Sanjay Gupta.

“Theprospects look promising, with advancements in technology and growingenvironmental consciousness, which are paving the way for a more sustainableconstruction industry.”

-    READ MORE.....
The better option
Two Tadano cranes – AC 1000-9 andAC 500-1 – lift 50-tonne steel structure at cement works in Gujarat.

“It was definitely a job for our mostpowerful all terrain cranes,” reports Sunil Makad, Director of the Indian cranehire company, Steel Carriers. His team was tasked with lifting a 50-meter-long,50-tonne steel structure for a DPC (deep pan conveyor) to a height of60&nb READ MORE.....
Water world!
Supreme Aqua source Smart RW Filtration system makes them suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects while adhering to CGWA guidelines.

Rain water Harvesting (RWH) is a topic of growing importance in today's world. With growing population, rapid urbanization, depleting groundwater resources, and fluctuating climate conditions, the need for active management o READ MORE.....
The Indian Steel Industry
Fromhere to where?

TheIndian Steel Industry is poised for a robust future, writes Pankaj Jain.

Somepersistent questions that occupy the minds of individuals in the steel industryinclude: Is the Indian Steel Industry poised for a transformative growth phase?What are the potential challenges and opportunities for the Indian SteelIndustry in the context of evol READ MORE.....
From cautious optimism to a year of redemption
While2023 is on course to becoming one of the best performing years in Indian RealEstate, 2024 is likely to be a year of redemption where real estate willreshape, restructure, and realign on a stronger domestic footing, writes Badal Yagnik.

“Withadequate inventory and uptick in ready to occupy property supply, theresidential market is likely to be evenly balanced between READ MORE.....
Make the invisible visible, in real time
Digital Twins is revolutionizing manufacturing processesand equipment, writes Rafiq Somani.

“As buildings and cities become more connectedand interdependent, the physics-based simulation of smart buildings leading todigital twins is the only way to deliver a cost-effective and sustainablefuture for the construction industry.”

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