REHAU: Conforming to high standards

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, or, in short, uPVC Windows and Doors are REHAU’s flagship offering. These are becoming increasingly popular amongst the consumers, architects and interior designers due to the plentiful benefits that they offer over traditional wooden windows and doors.
The uPVC doors and Windows from REHAU conform to the highest standards of the industry in terms of quality, design options and energy efficiency. They have been specially designed keeping in mind the tough climatic conditions of our country.

The windows from REGAU come with good thermal insulation properties which trap the cool/hot air of the building inside, preventing the outside temperature to disturb the inside comfortable environment. This energy efficient home-cooling strategy lowers the burden on consumers’ wallet and reduces the total energy bill that can otherwise get inflated due to the constant use of air-conditioning.

The unrivalled quality of uPVC windows is their durability, requiring little maintainence. These windows also have a long life span as they are resistant to acids and alkalis and are corrosion resistant. Offering customers high safety measures, uPVC windows ensure burglary resistance with double glazing glass and multi-locking systems. What’s more, the windows and doors block upto 90-95 per cent of outside noise, thereby sound-proofing the home from the unwanted outside noise.

One of a kind!

Pool Yard House, designed for an elderly couple and their visiting family and friends by Ar. Badrinath Kaleru and his team is a one-of-its-kind house that exudes comfort.

Project Name: Pool Yard House.
Location: Sec–7, Panchkula, Haryana, India.
Built up area: 496 Sq. Mt.
Completed in: 2017.
Principal  
Framework for the future

The GMS Grande Palladium project in Mumbai is a critical commentary on some of the antiquated notions that have plagued contemporary commercial design in the subcontinent.

Rapid urbanization and redevelopment has led to a blanket erasure of any identifiable architectural character in Mumbai, barring a few. The site for the GMS Grande Palladium is in close proximity t   READ MORE...
Garden of Paradise

The villa project in Bengaluru has been developed by KGA around an exceptionally well-planned central landscape, resulting in natural light and ventilation, yet privacy for each owner from neighbours. 

Architects: Karan Grover & Associates.
Category: Residential Villas.
Project Title: Raffles Par