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Setting a benchmark in innovation
AC-Crystacrete is a crystalline durabilityadmixture that enhances and extends the durability of concrete, writes Vivek Naik.

Itmust be noted that AC-Crystacrete doesn’t replace concrete admixture; rather, theyact as an additive. It starts acting when it comes in contact with moisture andstops the further penetration.”

The tide is turning
India, today, offers immense investment opportunitiesfor foreign investors. And, it is only a matter of time before the countryreaps the benefits of a liberalized economy.


The Covid-19pandemic has caused huge economic disruptions and changes in attitudes towardsnational security, public health, and globalization. It has had a significanteffect on a number of  READ MORE.....
Upbeat, and Optimistic
German Machinery Manufactures continueto be upbeat about the Indian market, writes Rajesh Nath.


ElectricECE equipment are poised to witness high growth with multiple OEM’s launchingelectric models due the government’s strict measures towards emissionregulations, customer demand, and availability of inexpensive loans andincentive READ MORE.....
Down, but not out!
Indian Truck Market Report FY 2021 may be downand out at the moment. But, it is only a matter of time before it bounces back,writes Atul Chandel.


Thepandemic too has had the worst impact on the Truck market, and it would need aconsiderable time for making things look better. Despite this, few OEMs havethought innovatively and have tri READ MORE.....
Depend on it…not abuse it!
To achievedurability and sustainability in constructions, it is important that we startby using and adopting eco-friendly alternative materials, writes Dr. L R Manjunatha.


“Sustainability is acombination of minimizing environmental impact and economic cost to achieve therequired social performance. Sustainable development is the developm READ MORE.....
HPI – a step in the right direction
Union Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary, DurgaShanker Mishra launches'sHousing Pricing Index (HPI).

The HPI in association with the industry bodyNAREDCO, will enable homebuyers, investors, real estate developers andpolicymakers to track high-frequency price movement in India's key residentialmarkets. READ MORE.....
Trudging along on the path to recovery
India’s Industrials sector continued to treadalong on the path to recovery as aggregate sales of 38 industrial companiesdeclined by just 3.0 per cent Y-o-Y in 3QFY21 (down 8.0 per cent Y-o-Y,adjusting for inflation) vs. the 10 per cent decline in 2QFY21, according to arecent market analysis report. In fact, ex-BHEL sales grew 0.4 per cent Y-o-Y,as the sector recovered to 100 per cent of pre- READ MORE.....
Ship-breakers sailing towards 10 per cent revenue growth: CRISIL
Joining Hong Kongconvention bolsters India’s global leadership.


The Indian ship-breaking industry is sailingtowards a 10 per cent revenue growth this fiscal on-year owing to improvedavailability of condemned vessels and higher rates for steel scrap.

A plunge in global trade due to the Covid-19pandemic weighed on sea freight, hurting viability of  READ MORE.....
Filteration – the need of the hour
Degrading air quality and global warming have forced countries to imposestrict air emission regulations on industries to reduce the pollutants releasedin the air. This is an opportunity that could drive the industrial air filtersmarket in the country over the next few years, writes Mehul Panchal

“As developing regions rapidlyurbanize, filtrat READ MORE.....
Cool down!

EESL reports reinforce theobjectives of India Cooling Action Plan; Says District Cooling System andenergy efficient ACs can be the enablers of India’s cooling revolution.

EESL launches market assessment study for super-efficient ACs; alsolaunches a National District Cool READ MORE.....
Proven their mettle across all applications
Proven their mettleacross all applications

Tata’s robustlydesigned long-haul trucks have proven their mettle across all applications,commanding a market share leadership in their respective tonnage segment.


Tata Motors continuouslystrives in their mission to be the pioneer in the Indian commercial vehicleindustry with the widest ran READ MORE.....
New normal, new expectations
Eicher’s Heavy Duty Truck range focuses heavilyon Uptime with built-to-last products, customized services, and a 100 per centconnected ecosystem, writes GagandeepSingh Gandhok.


“Eicher ensures customers that we are with youwhenever you need us, wherever, and at any time.” GagandeepSingh Gandhok, Senior Vice President, HD Truc READ MORE.....
Building infrastructure, the world over!

JCB machines have been contributingto the building of world-class infrastructure in the country for over 40 years.Moreover, these ‘Made in India’ machines have been exported to over 110countries. Delivering a combination of value, new digital technology, andworld-class quality, JCB aims to continue to bring global technologies andskillsets to India, through indigenous manufactu READ MORE.....
Kicking up growth
CASE India’s Compactors, especially the CASE752EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor, is seeing a spurt in demand due to its robustness and fuel-efficiency.


Despite hiccups causedby pandemic, the infrastructure sector witnessed many developments, such as theNational Infrastructure Pipeline, which laid a strong foundation for infrastructurepush. Capital outlay of `111 READ MORE.....
Tried, and Tested
The Soil Compactor from Ammann – ARS 121– is a tried and tested compactor that is powered by a heavy duty hydrostaticdrive.


Soil compactors are used to rearrangeparticles, reduce the void ratio, and increase density. Soil compactionimproves the shear strength and load-bearing capacity of the soil. Impropersoil compaction results in structural distress from ex READ MORE.....
Driving excellence
TheWIRTGEN GROUP is driving excellence on Greenfield projects with a fleet of innovativemachines, as demonstrated here in the Purvanchal Expressway project.

Purvanchal Expressway is a prestigious Greenfieldproject under construction in India. It commences near village Chand Sarai,located at Lucknow-Sultanpur Road (NH-731), district Lucknow, and concludesnear village Haidaria on READ MORE.....
Setting standards with innovations

The world’s No.1 in Mini Excavators, Kubota providespowerful and efficient Mini Excavators that are made in Japan and offer thevery best in quality.

Establishedin 1890, Kubota has made constant efforts to remain on the leading-edge ofdevelopment and innovation. Kubota launched its first Mini Excavator model in1974, and since then, it has had 40 years of experience  READ MORE.....
Makes a great business decision

An embodiment ofthe vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat, JCB’s ‘Made in India’ Mini Excavators are oneof the most versatile choices for a new India, writes Deepak Shetty.

“With over 60dealers and 700 outlets, JCB’s mini excavators are never far from professionalsupport. Profitability at the worksite canonly be achieved if the equipment  READ MORE.....
Enhancing the quality several notches higher

KONE ElevatorIndia launches iREFRESH – Rejuvenated designs to elevate your experience.

Every building that offers smooth people flow has a class of itsown. The perfect choice of elevators with right interiors that ?awlessly matcha building's architecture plays an integra READ MORE.....
Better days ahead

They are also choosing to sign up for full coverage maintenance packages, knowingthat it offers solid value and that comprehensive coverage will leave repairsplanned and/or sudden to the elevator company. Such partnerships with OEMs bringstability to service and free customers from the hassles of getting into upkeepmatters from time to time. 

Modernization READ MORE.....
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