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Low on cost, high on efficiency

TK Elevator expands low-rise, value-for-money offeringsin India with the launch of gearless technology-powered enta100 GL.

“By introducing more advanced, gearless technology to thevalue-for-money market, we strive to bring forth more energy-efficientelevators to the country while also bringing more READ MORE.....
Slip sliding away
Häfele introduces the Telescopic ProgressiveSliding Systems for every threshold of your homes and offices.


Häfele houses a comprehensive range of Sliding Systemsunder its SLIDO range for every imaginable indoor and outdoor application. Thesesolutions not only add emphasis to your interiors but also serve as a lavishgateway to the world beyond. They offer unco READ MORE.....
A new definition of art and creativity!
Legend Art is synonymouswith what artistry is all about – A combination of an elegant design withexcellent performance, writes DevChandwani.



“In addition to creatinga healthier environment with high insulation rates, our product also shineswith features such as longevity, low maintenance requirements,  READ MORE.....
Indigenization with Global Quality

Keestrack, which has recently begun localproduction in India, is looking to align its products and services for theIndian crushing and screening market in a bigger way, writes Swaminathan Dhandapani.


“Machines that come on a mechanical platform butare later modified to become hybrid cannot give as efficient a performance ascompared t READ MORE.....
CASE India inaugurates Skill Development Centre in Pithampur

  • The initiative is aligned with Central Government’sSkill India Mission.

  • The centre aims to train 240professionals every year.

  • The training is focused on developingLoader Backhoe operating skills.


CASEConstruction Equip READ MORE.....
Running on heavy fuel
DemystifyingDiesel Fuel systems, and how they work.


Thebasic principle of fuel injection is that the right amount of fuel must beinjected at the right time to satisfy engine horsepower demands. Since fuelrequires time to burn, the right amount of fuel must be injected at theappropriate point in the compression stroke, so th READ MORE.....
The Elevator that took Prime Minister Narendra Modi atop the new National Emblem; Spartan Exhibits an Engineering Marvel

WhenPrime Minister Narendra Modi stepped into a specially designed elevator thattook him straight atop the new Parliament building at the 6.5 – metre – highNational Emblem carved in massive 9,500 kg of bronze, India unveiled andcelebrated yet another marvel of creating a super sculpture blended with meticulousengineering to give an identity of New India.  READ MORE.....
Mining their business
BKT, the off-highway tire major,unveiled world-class, cutting-edge products which will be a game-changer forthe mining industry.


Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT),the Indian multinational group and a global player in the Off-Highway tiremarket showcased some of its finest tires for construction and earthmovingequipment, namely the E4 EARTHMAX SR468 TL, and L5  READ MORE.....
A promising future ahead
Economic recovery and innovations drives up thecommercial vehicle market, writes RajeshR.

“Our engines are designed to conserve more fueland enhance engine economy with deceleration fuel cut-off technology. And,though this engine runs on cleaner fuel, the power and torque it produces iscomparable to that of our diesel variants.”

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