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ZWEIBRÜCKEN, Germany September 10,2019 –“Large lifting companies with multiple craneshave options to get jobs done. I don’t have that luxury,” comments Steve Kelly,owner/operator of Steel Giraffe LLC. The Portsmouth, R.I.-based “boutique”crane company doesn’t search out the typical residential and commercialconstruction projects. Rather, Steel Gira READ MORE.....
An XPERT at hand
ABB launchesintelligent engine performance software for fleet-wide use for Indian maritimesector.

ABB Turbo charging has upgraded digital platform ABB Ability™ TekomarXPERT, for use on a fleet-wide scale.


ABB has recently introduced an intelligent engine performance software –Tekomar XPERT – for fleet-wide use in maritime se READ MORE.....
Some cheer, much confusion!
The much-awaited budget 2019-20 that will set theroadmap for the Narendra Modi-led government for the next three to five yearsleft many confused. The budget, at best, is work-in-progress where the overallagenda is implemented in stages depending on the fiscal room available tomanoeuvre. EPC&I takes a look.


The Finance Minister presented the maiden READ MORE.....
Few highs for real estate in a cautious budget
Affordable Housing, and Infrastructure to benefitfrom the Union Budget 2019-20, writes AnujPuri.

“Budget 2019-20 failed to announce sufficient keyinitiatives and measures to bring investors back to the real estate market and,thereby, help pump some badly-needed liquidity into the system.”

AnujPuri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Co READ MORE.....
Intelligent, Versatile, and Robust
With specific solutions made foremerging markets, the Manitou Group’s robust machines assure operators ofversatile, high-performance, easy to control equipment that offer optimizedmaintenance.


A global leader in rough-terrainhandling, Manitou Group innovates, produces, distributes, and servicesequipment for construction, agriculture, and industry. The group’s READ MORE.....
Compact and versatile

Haulotte’s new telescopic handler – HTL 3207 – providesmaximum efficiency on tight job sites. It offers excellent manoeuvrability andsignificant work autonomy under optimal conditions of safety and comfort.


High Productivity and Precision READ MORE.....
Plug and Play
WAGO introduces the WINSTA® PluggableConnection System – the solution for intelligent electrical installations.


We all use them every day: Pluggable connectors. We liketheir plug-and-play usability and know that they are also absolutely safe. So,why shouldn’t you benefit from the same advantages in electrical installations?

When disasters strike
KOHLER®Generators power critical disaster relief operations.


InMay 2019, an extremely severe cyclonic storm made a landfall in the easterncoast of India. It ravaged the eastern coast with torrential rains andwindstorms that gushed up to 250 kmph, littering the streets with uprootedtrees, power poles, telephone towers and blown off roofs.

Daysafte READ MORE.....
Adapt, or perish
Do Steel Mills need to redraw their strategymap? Pankaj Jain believes so if theyneed to survive potential risks and further grow their businesses.


“Steel companies need to choose and executestrategies that not only address today’s challenges but also future proofscompanies against the likely disruptions that might happen  READ MORE.....
Casting its spell
Indonesian manufacturer extends itsrange of services, with help and expertise from Weckenmann.


Based inthe Indonesian capital Jakarta, PT. Rekagunatek Persada is a subsidiary of PTIndonesia Pondasi Raya, Indonesia’s leading specialist foundation engineeringcompany. The company decided to set up a plant for the production of precastconcre READ MORE.....
What lies beneath?
Basements require a proficientand economical waterproofing solution to resist any unintended entry of wateror moisture into the structure, writes Abhishek Jain.


Author’sBrief – with pull quote:

“The designers, owners and project managers shouldselect the complete system judiciously and understand in detail the fu READ MORE.....
Make structures leak-proof with Perma Construction
Perma Eazee Coat is a milky white liquid which can bebrush applied to most structural surfaces to make them waterproof. The coatingis UV stable and highly flexible.


Perma Eazee Coat is used for waterproofing all typesof RCC surfaces, such as roofs, chajjas, parapet walls and external walls. Asbestoscement sheets roofs can also be waterpr READ MORE.....
MC-ing it the right solution for effective tunnelling
Make the most of MC-Bauchemie’sdecades of expertise and their reliable product systems to ensure that your tunnelling project is successful.


MC-Bauchemie offersproducts and solutions especially developed for tunnelling – from soilconditioning and annular gap grouting to shotcrete and injection applic READ MORE.....
Parking - An urban nightmare?
The health of a cityand its inhabitants is very much dependent on how the traffic flows in thecity. So, it is very important how the local governing bodies manage itstraffic and, thus, parking, writes Ajay Raina.



“There is, thus, adire need to have a proper policy framework for management of our cities,especial READ MORE.....
What a wonder!
Citadel’s louvered openable roofs keep you cool during summers, warm during winters, and dry in the rainy season.

Citadel offers India’s first and only complete louver roof and screen system – the Skyroof. Skyroof and Screen System is able to control the elements which makes it a natural choice over traditional coverings.

With the flick of a switch, the louvers can  READ MORE.....
Wienerberger presents Aspect Ventilated Clay Facades.
A building’s façade has always garnered special importance from owners and architects alike. After all, the face is the face of the building, and the personality of the design is best reflected in a building façade. Hence, if you want your building to stand apart from the milieu of concrete jungle, choice of façade material is the right place to start.

Out of the p READ MORE.....
Smart Engineering
Voltas’ smart engineering has enabled it to cater to your air conditioning needs, be it at home, offices, or industrial and commercial units, write Deba Ghoshal and K P Sukumar.

 Deba Ghoshal is the Vice President, Marketing, UPBG, Voltas Limited, and K P Sukumar is the Senior GM, Domestic Projects Group, Volta READ MORE.....
Adapt, or perish
While the HVAC industry in the country grows steadily, it is important for manufacturers to understand and adapt to changing trends around efficiency and technology, writes Farokh Madan.



“The onus lies with manufacturers and the government to help shift focus in buying behaviour from initial co READ MORE.....
terex hc series crawler and DEMAG ac 700 all terrain cranes deliver lifting capacity on i-4 ultimate project for V&M erectors
ZWEIBRÜCKEN – February 12, 2019 – At 21 miles (33.8 km) long and $2.3 billion, Orlando’s massive I-4 Ultimate is the largest infrastructure project in the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) history. By the time the last yard of concrete is placed in 2021, the project will consume 6.7 million cubic yards (4.8 million m3) of fill material, require 1.74 million line READ MORE.....
RADICON POWERBUILD- Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (SMSR)

Power Build Pvt Limited, popularly known as PBL, has been in the business of Gearboxes, Geared Motors and other Power Transmission Products since 1972. Having its own manufacturing facility in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat (India), PBL have been the pioneers in the mechanical Power Transmission industry in medium torque category in India sin READ MORE.....
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