Scalable, proven solution

Spancrete’s focus on innovation makes them a key performer in the precast industry.

In 1946, Henry Nagy was inspired by technology he came across in Europe and introduced the first precast concrete manufacturing machine – the ‘hollowcore slipformer’ – to the U.S market. After repairing and improving the bomb-damaged machine, he secured patents and began producing long spans of precast concrete that could not only be created faster but offered superior durability compared to the concrete blocks he had been manufacturing.
Applying a combination of vision and drive, he forever changed the face of the concrete and construction industries and, thereby, started the Spancrete legacy. Since then, Spancrete has remained a leading force in the precast industry.
Precast as a building material continues to gain popularity as it offers exceptional structural integrity, helps meet increased energy efficiency standards and is easily customizable for aesthetic appeal.
For more than 70 years now, Spancrete have continued to bring experience, perspective and an eye for innovation to the industry. As the only company to function as both an equipment manufacturer and hollowcore producer, Spancrete is determined to continue innovating on both fronts. So, what’s their secret? Always exploring new technology.
Spancrete’s focus on innovation makes them a key performer in the precast industry. They continue to refine the equipment used to make highly durable products, developing manufacturing solutions to produce four different building products from one single machine.
Early this year, they expanded their line-up to offer a wider variety of production equipment. From slipformers to extruders, to plotters, to multi-functional equipment, the company offers an expansive machinery roster, including ancillary accessories, allowing customers to scale their production based on individual product and market needs.
Precast manufacturing plants must adapt to the changing needs of their customers, demands of the marketplace and available resources. Spancrete Machinery solutions help these plants by leading the way in scalability, automation and efficiency.

Scalability of production is key to maintaining maximum productivity as customer orders increase and decrease by the season. Wasted space is not an option in facilities as they seek to scale not only their production but also plant footprint and human resources.
Automation allows plants to tighten tolerances leading to higher quality and greater customer satisfaction.
Efficiency is every precaster’s greatest need. From operating costs to maintenance expenses to personnel resources, every aspect of a plant is under constant evaluation. Opportunities are being seized to streamline and create efficiencies throughout the precast plant.

Every day, increasing numbers of architects, engineers, contractors, developers and owners specify precast building components for their construction needs. Spancrete’s extensive equipment line-up can produce precast products to meet most construction requirements, while providing durability, design options and cost efficiencies.

As the only equipment manufacturer that also produces hollowcore concrete products, Spancrete has unprecedented insight into the needs of a modern, evolving precast production facility. This firsthand experience in producing hollowcore products helps continuously improve equipment and create greater efficiencies.
For example, the Spancrete Slipformer Hollowcore system allows for rapid accessory changeovers, permitting the machine to be converted from one size of slab to another in under an hour, effectively increasing productivity. It is so popular that Spancrete has licensees around the globe that have been producing hollowcore for over 60 years.
Spancrete equipment is also known as the most durable in the industry – lowering the cost of ownership through minimum maintenance and labour costs.

New Lineup
New to the line-up in 2018 is the Spancrete Extruder. Designed for simplicity with robust components, it can run automatically and produce a variety of hollowcore slab cross sections and thicknesses. Adjustments are possible remotely via WiFi connection.
The Extruder can be easily converted to different product thicknesses (12 cm – 50 cm) in under 30 minutes. Its versatility is ideal for precasters planning to expand their product offering.
Spancrete has also introduced remote diagnostic analysis and maintenance capabilities on new equipment. Adding this feature allows technicians to more quickly assess issues and bring about a resolution, often without the need of a costly onsite service call – resulting in less down time and more production time.
Beyond the primary precast hollowcore production equipment, Spancrete also offers accessory machines to help with bed preparation, mix delivery, plotting, sawing and lifting. Additional ancillary equipment, such as casting tables, columns, beams and stair forms allow manufacturers to build a full-service precast facility, or complement existing equipment.
Available throughout the world, Spancrete Machinery is the scalable, proven solution in the precast industry.

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