TII SCHEUERLE showcases the SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss, new telematics as well as celebrating 40 years of SPMT
Exactly 40 years ago, WILLY SCHEUERLE delivered the very first SPMT technologywhich has since revolutionized industrial production and heavy transport operationsalong with establishing itself as a global leader. Coinciding with its anniversary, TIISCHEUERLE, the TII Group´s industry specialist for heavy and special transportation, isintroducing a powerful telematics system for use on all SPMT vehicles thus setting anew standard once again. At the Conexpo-Con/AGG in Hall N12848, TII SCHEUERLE willbe presenting the SCHEUERLE SPMT Power Hoss 80 as a representative of the completeSPMT series. SPMT Power Hoss modules are the extremely reliable all-rounders for internal special goods logistics. The trade show sees the start of the celebrations to markthis important anniversary of the SPMT technology.

Customers from the construction and mining industries place high demands on and have high expectations of the products they purchase. The transport of heavy, oversized components under the toughestenvironmental conditions puts an enormous strain on the transport equipment. However, the vehiclesshould nevertheless have low operating costs. Correspondingly important are high-quality and durablevehicles such as those produced by TII SCHEUERLE, the industry specialist for heavy goods transportsolutions for on and off-road assignments from the TII Group. "In addition to innovative technology, thedecisive factor for the success of TII SCHEUERLE is understanding the needs of customers and treating allof them with the same respect regardless of whether they are small or large companies," explains FilippoBaldassari, Managing Director of TII SCHEUERLE.

This applies in particular to the SPMT series from TII SCHEUERLE. When the heaviest of components haveto be transported from A to B, then the SPMT PowerHoss from TII SCHEUERLE really comes into its own.The self-propeled platform transporters are all-rounders in the special goods intralogistics sector. Due totheir performance and the wide range of combination possibilities of the individual modules, they literallyput customers in a position to move the world - just as the company motto "TII: Move the World" promises.

Uncomplicated coupling based on the plug-and-play principle allows payloads of up to 1,320 tons

As representative for the series, TII SCHEUERLE is presenting two models, each with two axle lines, at theConexpo-Con/AGG in Las Vegas, the largest construction machinery trade fair on the American continent.The SPMT PowerHoss models, available with two, four and now also six axle lines, offer up to 80, 180 and330 tons of payload respectively per module. In order to meet even higher payload requirements, individual SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss modules can easily be operated either mechanically or electronically inTII GroupTransporter Industry International GmbHKalistr. 57 • 74076 Heilbronn • Germanywww.tii-group.comPage 2 of 2Press Releasea loose coupling mode according to the plug-and-play principle as well as being coupled to one anotherboth laterally and longitudinally. Hence, a vehicle combination of four PowerHoss 330s is able to moveloads with a unit weight of up to 1,320 tons.

User-friendliness is one of the outstanding customer benefits of the SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss series.Due to the PPU drive unit (Power Pack Unit) integrated into the transport platform, the SPMT PowerHosscan be used immediately whilst the operator only requires a short briefing period.

PowerHoss offers all the essential functions of the SPMT series from TII SCHEUERLE

The maneuverable all-rounder for intralogistics is not only easy and safe to operate, its pendulum axlechassis also ensures that the module moves safely on numerous types of surfaces ranging from concreteindoor areas through to gravel roads and can be operated both outdoors and inside production halls.
Forthis reason and due to the high degree of axle compensation in the pendulum axle bogie of 700 millimeters, reloading is not required when transporting from inside a building to the outdoors.

SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss transport modules are based on the technology of the SPMT series from TIISCHEUERLE which has been tried and tested for decades. This means that they all the advantages of theconventional SCHEUERLE SPMT. These include the robust construction, hydrostatic drive and electronicmulti-directional steering with all known steering programs that allow the transported goods to be maneuvered with great precision.

Predictive maintenance: TII Connect facilitates predictive service management

TII SCHEUERLE offers a telematics system for all of its vehicles in the SPMT series which opens up specialadvantages for every customer in the SPMT segment. Even before a transport module fails, for example,because a filter has become clogged or the filling level of operating equipment is too low, the vehicle automatically reports the need for a service. Dispatchers therefore have sufficient time to direct the vehicleto the workshop and at a time when it least disrupts daily work procedures. As a result, the deploymentand service times of the TII transport solutions can be planned much more effectively and the uptime ofthe transport and manoeuvring solutions increases significantly while operating costs decrease in return.Consequential damage can also be best avoided in this way. This is why complete transparency regardingthe technical condition of a vehicle fleet is one of the key customer requirements

While most name-related systems in the transport segment only offer comparatively simple remote diagnostic functions, TII Connect also opens up so-called Smart Services with the help of intelligent analysis ofcertain vehicle parameters. In addition to predictive maintenance and service management, this includesa wide range of options for data analysis and process comparisons (business intelligence) along with condition monitoring. In order to take into account individual customer requests and to be able to offer anattractive price-performance ratio, TII SCHEUERLE has bundled functions into packages with graduatedscopes of services so that customers can select the functions that they really need according to theirneeds. Even the Basic package significantly upgrades the transport solution and offers all customers considerable added value. As part of Basic, service experts from TII SCHEUERLE have access to data and errorcodes from the SCHEUERLE SPMT modules. This enables them to respond proactively to incidents such aserror messages. For example, if there is a risk of the transport solution failing in the foreseeable future, theexperts from the TII industry specialists will arrange a service appointment and offer suitable spare parts.

TII GroupTransporter Industry International GmbHKalistr. 57 • 74076 Heilbronn • Germanywww.tii-group.comPage 3 of 2Press ReleaseIn demand worldwide for 40 years: Best-seller SCHEUERLE SPMT celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023TII Group companies have been producing technologically-leading transport and manoeuvring solutionsfor industry and the transport logistics sector with great passion for more than 150 years. To this day,customer requirements are driving TII industry experts, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG, to provide customers with the best possible solutions for comfortably mastering their respective tasks. The respectful andappreciative approach taken by the company to all customers, regardless of whether they are from smallor large companies, and a high level of reliability correspond to the values of the family-run enterprise withits long-term orientation.

The partnership between TII and its customers lasts for the complete service lifeof the vehicle and beyond. Technical innovation and the special relationship with customers are the cornerstones of success.This is also reflected in the continuing success of the SCHEUERLE SPMT series. Since their introduction in1983, SCHEUERLE SPMT modules have become best-sellers thanks to their versatility and because theycan be easily transported to locations around the world thanks to their container dimensions. With, in themeantime, tens of thousands of axle lines on the market, the SPMT from TII SCHEUERLE represents thelargest operational international vehicle fleet around and has made the TII Group the world market leaderin this segment, an achievemnt which was recognized once again in 2022 by the renowned businessnewspaper WirtschaftsWoche.

In the coming year, the SPMT from TII SCHEUERLE will be celebrating itsservice anniversary. Then, the term SPMT has been synonymous with this transport technology for 40years now.Photos:Uncomplicated coupling based on the plug-and-play principle and short driver training.TII GroupTransporter Industry International GmbHKalistr. 57 • 74076 Heilbronn • Germanywww.tii-group.comPage 4 of 2Press ReleaseExtension of the series through the SPMT PowerHoss 330 with 6 axle lines and a 330-ton payload.

Company profile

The TII Group, a company owned by the Heilbronn-based Otto Rettenmaier family, is a globally activemanufacturer of heavy-duty and special vehicles and has a workforce of around 900 employees. TheGroup includes industry specialists, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG, and has production sites in Germanyand India along with a worldwide organisation of sales and service partners. With innovative vehicles formanoeuvring and transportation operations, the TII Group, which is listed in the index of world marketleaders, supports its customers in the transport and logistics sectors, building industry, plant engineering,air and space travel, shipbuilding, energy, steel and mining as well as yard logistics for realising a widerange of complex transport tasks. The TII Group holds the current world record of over 20,000 tons fortransporting extremely heavy loads on vehicles. TII stands for the tradition of innovation, customer orientation and partnership as well as for high product quality and sustainability in heavy-duty mobility.www.tii-group.comPress contactIrene KrommMarketing Manager & [email protected]
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