A clear differentiator

KONE DX Class will not only future-proof yourbuilding with market-leading elevator technology but also inspire, inform, anddelight with an elevator experience – above and beyond anything you haveexperienced so far.


KONE India has launched the world’s first,ground-breaking class of digitally connected KONE DX Class Elevators, whichwill redefine the elevator experience. The rise of a new era in the industry,KONE DX Class is a game-changer that is bound to transform how peopleexperience elevators.

With built-in connectivity for improved peopleflow, KONE DX Class promises an experience that connects at every level. Thisis a clear differentiator in the Industry and a break-through technology forKONE customers.

So, what has the all new KONE DX Class Elevators got instore?

Built-in connectivity: In anincreasingly digitised world, everything is connected – and elevators are noexception. With connected elevators, customers can create a completely new kindof user experience by adding smart building solutions and services that makelife even easier and more convenient for users.

DX class elevator offers future-ready in-builtdigital solutions to take care various digital solutions and services needs ofelevator throughout the entire life cycle and enhances the value of building.

KONE SoundLight™:Music can change how we experience our surroundings. With DX, music will be apart of the elevator ride to set just the right mood.

Create just the right ambience with stunning newelevator lighting designs. Not only a necessity inside an elevator, lighting isalso a versatile design element that complements the user experience.

Pre-set themes with curated music and animatedlights will completely change the ambience of the elevator to suit the need ofthe day. Select the theme you need for your building with a few clicks on theKONE SoundLight app.

Open application programming interfaces(APIs) to create the best possible experience fordifferent types of people moving in and between buildings, such as touchlessElevator Call API, Service Robot API, Equipment Status API, Service Info API,and many more. KONE Ecosystem Partners in India include companies with leadingtechnology, such as, Invento Robotics, Jetbrain Robotics, VersionX, Solus,Smarten Spaces, and Radius Infotech.

KONE Information Solution and Servicesthat offer a host of different ways to keep the passengers informed inside theelevators. Share important building information quickly and easily and create acompletely new kind of user experience.

The option for customers to easily and remotelyactivate digital services when they need to, including KONE 24/7 ConnectedServices, that providesvaluable information on upcoming maintenance needs and identifies any potentialissues before they cause problems.

Touchless signalisationfor healthier and safer people flow, making buildings and cities safer andhealthier places to live, work and commute.

KONE offers best Green Building Partner Solutionand KONE Tools Support to plan and design the best people flow solution. Thenew KONE DX Class elevator is also ideal for customers looking to modernizeexisting equipment with enhanced eco-efficiency, performance, and aesthetics.

KONE DX Class will not only future-proof yourbuilding with market-leading elevator technology but also inspire, inform, anddelight with an elevator experience – above and beyond anything you haveexperienced so far.

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