Tougher than the rest

ACEmanufactures high-quality, world-class Soil Compactors which are perfectlysuited for tough Indian working terrains, writes Adarsh Gautam.

“Integratedwith advanced features, these Soil Compactors are known for their good allround visibility, operator comfort, excellent fuel efficiency, durability,unmatched reliability, higher grade ability, and longevity.”

-         Adarsh Gautam,

Head Sales and Product Support – Road ConstructionEquipment Division, ACE.

The role ofSoil compactors is to build the necessary flat base which provides strongfoundation and crucial support for buildings, roads, pavements, and variousother construction structures. During the construction process, the soil isoften disturbed by different construction processes, such as excavating, grading,or trenching. As a result, air and/or water are introduced to the soil mass andincreases in volume.

To establish a strongfoundation and construction of a structure, these air voids and water particlesmust be removed. The process of compaction removes air voids which increasessoil’s sheer strength and provides it greater stability.

Let us now lookat the different types of rollers used in compaction of soil. Depending uponthe project requirement and soil variety, there are three different types ofsoil compactors used for compaction of soil, which come in either of thesethree variants – Drum Drive, Pad Drive, and Standard.

Vibratory Soil Compactors: They are used to compact loose soil, primarily used forroads and highway construction. These machines are also used for groundcompaction/stabilization at the construction sites. ACE manufactures highquality Vibratory Compactors in the capacity range of 10-12 Tonnes in all threevariants as mentioned above.

Tandem Rollers: They are used for compaction of asphalt, concrete in thesecond phase after the first layer of soil is compacted and prepared for theroad foundation. ACE manufactures high quality Vibratory Tandem Rollers in thecapacity range of 3.5-9 Tonnes.

Pneumatic Tyre Roller: These rollers are used for the final finishing of thetop layer to smoothen, bring density, and stiffness to the concrete compaction.

Features of ACE soil compactors

ACEmanufactures Soil Compactors in the capacity range of 10T and 12T, as well asTandem Compactors in the capacity range of 3.5T and 9T. Integrated withadvanced features, these Soil Compactors are known for their good all roundvisibility, operator comfort, excellent fuel efficiency, durability, unmatchedreliability, higher gradeability, and longevity.

They are fittedwith Kirloskar turbo charged water cooled engine assuring no power loss(Dearation) at higher altitude. With dual-drum drive technology, multipleamplitude and frequency combinations and impressive manoeuvrability, ACEmanufactures high-quality, world-class Soil Compactors which are perfectlysuited for tough Indian working terrains.

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