A one-stop solution for waterproofing

MAPEI offers single-stop solution basket foralmost all the waterproofing requirements in a RCC structure.

Mapelastic range of waterproofing and protectivecoatings from Mapei is specially developed synthetic polymer coatings of specialadmixtures and synthetic polymers in water dispersion, blended according to aformula developed in MAPEI's research laboratories. Starting from Mapelastic,Mapelastic Smart, Mapelastic High Flex, and Mapelastic Guard are two componentsynthetic polymer modified waterproofing and protective coating membranes for waterproofingof different elements in the structure from positive site. MapelasticAquadefense and Mapelastic TU are single component spray applied synthetic coatingsfor waterproofing as per different structural requirements.


Mapelastic Smart is a two-componentwaterproofing mortar that forms a tough flexible membrane when applied on theconcrete substrate. Their content of high-quality synthetic resins maintaintheir high elasticity in all weather conditions, excellent elongation atfailure of 120 per cent, and 2.0mm crack-bridging ability when applied at athickness of 2.0mm, ensuring their characteristics remain stable over theyears.

It offers resistance to UV rays, bonding todifferent types of substrates, and high adhesion to a cementitious substrate.When the two components are mixed, a blend with a plastic consistency isobtained, which may be applied by brush, roller, or by spraying with a wormscrew rendering machine on both horizontal and vertical surfaces at a thicknessof approximately 2.0mm. Due to the content and high quality of the syntheticresins, the hardened layer of Mapelastic Smart remains constantly flexibleunder all environmental conditions.

Mapelastic Smart is waterproof and resistant tothe penetration of aggressive substances which are present in the atmosphere,such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and sulphuric anhydride, and solublesalts such as chlorides and sulphates, which are present in seawater or theground. Mapelastic Smart has excellent bonding properties on all cementitious,ceramic, and marble surfaces as long as they are sound and sufficiently clean.

These properties, together with its resistanceto the deteriorating effect of UV rays – a characteristic of this product – ensurethat structures protected and waterproofed with Mapelastic Smart have a longservice life, even if they are located in areas with particularly rigidclimatic conditions, in coastal areas with a saline-rich atmosphere or inindustrial areas where the air is particularly polluted.

Mapelastic Smart, applied in the swimming pool, shallbe fully proof and have additional advantages like less maintenance andintegration of system starting from cementitious levelling mortars, MapelasticSmart, cementitious tile adhesives, and epoxy tile grouts. Taken an RCCswimming pool, treating the joints and honeycombs with cementitious patchrepair mortar like Mapegrout T 40, treating the fillet joints withwaterproofing accessory tape like Mapeband, leveling the RCC surface withcementitious leveling mortars like Nivoplan, application of Mapelastic Smartcoating in two coats reinforced with an alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh, likeMapenet 150, application, and laying of tiles mosaic tiles with a cementitiousadhesive like Kerabond/Adesilex P9 and filling the joints in between the tileswith a two-component epoxy mortar which shall be resistant to mild acids andchemicals shall sum up to a full proof system for swimming pool waterproofing. Thissystem adds advantages such as preventing the scaling effect on the tilesthroughout the service life of the pool.

This is because the aggressive agents in thepool water don't have access to the free lime to react and form scales. Theepoxy grout/mortar that is filled in between the tile joints don't allow anywater to penetrate through it.

The thin-set mortar that is cementitious tileadhesive is free from shrinkage and cohesive compared to traditionalcementitious mortars. These tile adhesives also act as the second phase ofdefence making the pool watertight by not allowing any moisture to penetratethrough them. The selection of this system shall ensure system integration andkeep the structure long-lasting with very minimal maintenance.

Accessories with Mapelastic Smart shall enhancethe performance of the membrane when chosen as per the structural element’srequirement. The flexible Hypalon rubber tape called Mapeband, when used at thefillet joints and construction joints, shall keep these joints flexiblethroughout the life of the structure under any climatic conditions. MapelasticSmart already being a highly flexible membrane, shall perform with highermechanical properties by placing reinforcement accessories in-between twocoats.

Placing of a non-woven polypropylene fabriccalled Mapetex Sel N, which is joined by mechanical needle punch procedure, inbetween two coats of Mapelastic smart shall enhance the tensile strength of themembrane and increases the crack-bridging ability of the membrane up to 2.8mm.For larger spans in high-rise structures, Mapelastic Smart with Mapetex Sel Nshall be a full-proof economical solution that can technically satisfy all thedemands of terrace, podium, and driveway structures.

Placing an Alkali-resistant fibre glass mesh inbetween two coats of Mapelastic Smart shall enhance the fracture resistanceproperty of the waterproofing membrane. Mapelastic Smart works effectively forboth waterproofing requirements and anti-carbonation coating in new/oldstructures situated in coastal areas or areas prone to aggressive carbonexposure and in coastal belts.

A 2mm thick Mapelastic coating acts equal to50mm thick concrete cover in terms of carbon penetration.

Mapelastic Smart meets the requirements definedby EN 1504-9, Products and systems for the protection and repair of concretestructures, and the requirements claimed by EN 1504-2 coating (C) according tothe PI, MC, and IR principles, Protection systems for concrete surfaces.


Mapelastic Aquadefense is another product thatis one-of-its-kind from Mapei's Mapelastic range of products. MapelasticAquaDefense is a solvent-free, ready-to-use, ultra-quick drying, one-componentlight blue, synthetic resin-based liquid-applied waterproofing system.

Mapelastic AquaDefense is easy to apply onhorizontal, sloping, and vertical surfaces, and dries very quickly to form aflexible membrane without a sticky surface. It is resistant to light pedestriantraffic after just 3.00 hours and forms an excellent grip with all types ofadhesive for laying ceramic, stone material, and mosaic of all kinds.

The flexible nature of Mapelastic AquaDefensehelps it withstand normal movements caused by expansion and contraction of thesubstrate due to temperature variations and vibration. Mapelastic AquaDefenseis resistant to water, lime water (ph > 12), and detergents commonly usedfor cleaning residential environments.

Mapelastic Aquadefense is a fast-trackwaterproofing system that can be adopted for dry walls like plasterboards, andnon-absorbent partitions in the internal wet areas in a commercial/hospitalityspace. Application of ceramic or any other tiles can be started after 4.00 hoursof applying Mapelastic Aquadefense.

Tiles laid on floors waterproofed withMapelastic AquaDefense by using Mapei’s cementitious adhesives and grouted withepoxy joint filling mortar/grout may be opened to pedestrian traffic within 12hours of starting the work. When applied on RCC structures or screeds, themechanical properties of the material, such as elongation of 400 per cent, andcrack-bridging ability of >3mm make Mapelastic Aquadefense a long-lastingwaterproofing system.

Mapei's Mapelastic range is a single-stopsolutions basket for mostly all kinds of waterproofing requirements in an RCCstructure, providing full-proof and durable products and systems.

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