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Parekh Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. is an automotive expert company thatspecializes in providing expert services and solutions to the automotiveindustry and comprehensive range of services for the maritime industry.

Automotivelogistics is a specialized branch of logistics that focuses on thetransportation, storage, and distribution of vehicles and automotive parts. Itinvolves the coordination of various activities, such as shipping, warehousing,and inventory management to ensure the timely and efficient delivery ofproducts to their intended destinations.

With fastchanging world of logistics, the automotive logistics industry is no differentwhen it comes to innovation, sharing to the country GDP, and growth engine forany developing country. Well-oiled essential components of the automotivesupply chain and efficient logistics operations can help to improve customersatisfaction, reduce costs, and increase overall profitability for automotivecompanies.

Finishedvehicles stockyard management is the process of organizing and managing thestorage and distribution of finished vehicles in a stockyard. It involvesvarious activities, such as receiving vehicles from the production line,inspecting and preparing them for shipment, storing them in an organized andefficient manner, and distributing them to dealerships or customers. Beyonddoubt a solution mindset of company/personnel can only deliver to make adifference between many options available in market.

ParekhMarine Agencies Pvt. Ltd., as part of Parekh Group, is an automotive expertcompany that specializes in providing expert services and solutions to theautomotive industry and comprehensive range of services for the maritimeindustry, including shipping agency services, offshore support services, charteringand brokering services, marine consultancy services, logistics services, andstevedoring and marine operations.

With highlyskilled staff at the helm possessing extensive knowledge of the automotiveindustry and related technologies, we believe that we can make a difference.

As anAutomotive expert company, we offer the following services:

FG Yard Management (VPC and Port) Distribution: The Company provides typicallyReceiving Inspection, Scanning of Vehicles, Storage of vehicles in yard,General maintenance of fluids, air and power (inspections and top-up), LongTerm Storage Maintenance Inspection as per manufacturer recommendation and practices,Inspection of vehicles for in-storage damages, Periodic Stock Audit and LocationManagement, Ordering Onward transportation to dealer, Truck audit, Truck audit Documentation,Final Inspection, and Loading of Vehicles, Route Survey, Load Building services.

Pre-Delivery Inspections – PDI and AccessoryFitment: The Companyprovides services of Exterior washing and cleaning of equipment, Pre-deliveryInspection as per manufacturer requirements, Accessory Fitment in Vehicles asper Manufactures’ requirement, and Accessory Spares Storage Management.

Warehousing – Inbound, In-plant, Packaging, andDistribution: The Companycaters to the service requirements for Warehouse Operations and InventoryManagement, Barcode-based Tracking, Lifecycle management of MHEs, and storage systems,Packaging and Invoicing, CKD, SKD and Part by Part Packaging, Last MileDistribution, Supplier-Customer Coordination, and VMI.

We believethat effective finished vehicles stockyard management is essential to ensuringthe timely and efficient delivery of vehicles to dealerships and customers. Ithelps to minimize inventory costs, reduce the risk of damage or theft, andensure that vehicles are delivered in excellent condition, thereby improvingcustomer satisfaction and enhancing the reputation of the automotive company.

Well-oiled essential components of the automotive supply chain andefficient logistics operations can help to improve customer satisfaction,reduce costs, and increase overall profitability for automotive companies.”

-        Capt. Naresh Kundlas

(A veteran in Automotive, Shipping, And Maritime Logistics)

General Manager – Commercial,

Parekh Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.



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