The first choice of machines

The world-class range of Made inIndia JCB Telehandlers offer exceptional versatility, productivity, andreliability for all material handling applications.


JCB has been manufacturingTelehandlers globally since 1977. It is, today, the world’s leadingmanufacturer of these machines.

JCB offers a range from 07 metersto 20the Telehandler: The Made in India 530-70 and 530-110, and additionally, a17m machine which is the 540-170 for high lift and reach applications that hasbeen imported from the UK. The company recently launched the 4.0 Ton TelescopicHandler – 540-70.

Some notable key features of thesemnes are:

-         The 530–70, 540-70, and 530–110come with the CEV Stage IV Compliant JCB ecoMax 444 engine. A robust and narrowchassis along with a standard four-wheel drive for better traction make thesemachines well suited for material handling requirements.

-         With the engine being on theside, the operator gets greater visibility, which enhances safety. Lower NVHlevels and an air-conditioned cab ensure operator comfort. JCB was the first tocomply with the latest CEV Stage IV emission standards.

-         JCB’s Made in IndiaTelehandlers come fitted with a 74hp Turbo Charged Diesel Engine.

-         Unmatched stacking and dumpingcapability of up to 07 meters, 11 meters, and 17 meters on 530-70, 540-70,530-110, 540-170 respectively.

-         Forward reach of 3.83 meters inthe JCB 530-70, 3.84 meters in the 540-70 and 7.52 meters in the JCB 530-110respectively.

-         During EXCON 2021, JCB launchedthe 4.0Ton Telescopic Handler, the 540-70. With a maximum lift height of 7.0m,and a maximum lift capacity of up to 4.0Tons, it has a Q-fit mechanism for aquick change of attachments that make the machine multipurpose. With an air-conditioned,360° high-visibility global design cabin, and ROPS and FOPS, this new machineis well-suited for all Material Handling requirements of customers, especiallyin high-capacity RMC Plants and Stone Quarries.

A few of the key benefits offeredby JCB Telehandlers are:

Global Side Engine Design: The JCBTelehandler comes with Global Side Engine Design with Hi-Viz low boom mountingensuring high visibility all around, thus enhancing site safety. Engineinstallation makes it easy for ground-level service and safe access. Its robustchassis offers high structural life and Single Lifting Ram provides uniformlifting force on the boom.

Safety and Comfort: The machine providescustomers unmatched safety and comfort. The Cabin of the machine has anair-conditioner available as a standard feature for operator comfort and helpsin increasing productivity. The cabin is also fitted with Rolling OverProtection System and Falling Over Protection System that enhance the operatorsafety. It has an Integral Lateral Load Moment Indicator to warn the operatorin case the load exceeds the limits and has a stabiliser cut-off for safe workingoperation. Smooth and Ergonomically installed control levers provide low effortand are responsive for total control and precise load placement at the requiredreach or height.

Superior Design: The machine comes witha legendary ‘U’ shaped boom and a single closing plate welds to reduce jointsand stress points. It has boom overlapping for the structural rigidity of theboom.

Hydraulic extension rams with nochains are suited for heavy-duty bucket arduous bucket applications. Theseworld-class aggregates help JCB Telehandlers deliver inherent reliability ofthe equipment.

JCB Telehandlers come with avariety of attachments which make them versatile. The widely used attachmentsare a Shovel, Heavy Duty Forks, Grabs, Unloading Rake, Crane Hook – Fork Mounted,Jib Crane, Grain Bucket, Cotton Bucket, Power Grab, Man Platform, and DrumHandlers, etc.

Every machine incorporates thetraditional JCB strengths of ruggedness, reliability, structural integrity,performance, visibility, and safety. With the use of JCB’s purpose-designedattachment range further enhancing the tasks possible, the world-class range ofMade in India JCB Telehandlers offer exceptional versatility, productivity, andreliability for all material handling applications.

Along with quality and durability,another key factor in maximising machine uptime is easy serviceability. With aside engine design, all checks are quick, simple, and safe to carry out fromground level, and most service intervals, including boom lubrication.

The lifting capacity of 3,000kg,long reach, and impressive lift height (07 metres to 20 metres) in JCBTelehandlers are complemented by a wide range of attachments (over 40) whichmakes these machines the first choice of machines in the construction andinfrastructure domain.

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