Low on cost, high on efficiency


TK Elevator expands low-rise, value-for-money offeringsin India with the launch of gearless technology-powered enta100 GL.

“By introducing more advanced, gearless technology to thevalue-for-money market, we strive to bring forth more energy-efficientelevators to the country while also bringing more value to tenants, passengers,and building owners, as an extension of our commitment to sustainability andlower carbon footprint.”


Manish Mehan, -CEO and MD, TK Elevator (India).


In line with its industry-leading position in innovation,technology, and sustainability, TK Elevator recently launched its enta100 GL elevatorin India, targeting the low-rise, value-for-money market to bolster itsexisting offerings in the country. As a more advanced, versatile, andenvironmental-friendly option to the geared enta100 GD, the newer enta100 GL modelrides on the popularity of gearless machines around the world due to their lowmaintenance costs, low-noise operation, and long service life, making them morevaluable investments for building owners.

When compared to other forms of elevator drives, gearlessmachines with Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) motors have lower operatingtemperatures, lower power consumption, lower noise, and steady acceleration anddeceleration. The non-requirement of oil also makes gearless elevators a moreenvironmental-friendly option to its geared counterparts.

On top of its higher energy efficiency and suitability fortaller buildings (45m, 16-stops), enta100 GL offers comfortable travellingexperiences with a holding capacity of 544 kg, or eight passengers. Combininglocal manufacturing with the superb quality of TK Elevator’s German engineeringand design, it is an economical solution that also offers a wider range ofconfigurations that can cater to the needs of a variety of projects, includingaffordable housing and private low-rise properties, without compromising onsafety and peace of mind.

enta100 GL is available in both Machine-room (MR) and Machine-room-less(MRL) configurations, offering the extra flexibility over the geared model toinstall without requiring a separate machine-room on top of the elevator shaft,which results in significant space saving – especially in new constructionswhere the space can be turned into more public or ‘let-able’ floor space.

“TK Elevator’s launch of enta100 GL complements ourcomprehensive product offerings in India. By introducing more advanced,gearless technology to the value-for-money market, we strive to bring forthmore energy-efficient elevators to the country while also bringing more valueto tenants, passengers, and building owners, as an extension of our commitmentto sustainability and lower carbon footprint,” says Manish Mehan, CEO and MD,India of TK Elevator.

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