A new definition of art and creativity!

Legend Art is synonymouswith what artistry is all about – A combination of an elegant design withexcellent performance, writes DevChandwani.



“In addition to creatinga healthier environment with high insulation rates, our product also shineswith features such as longevity, low maintenance requirements, and 100 per centrecyclability at the end of their service lives, and easy reprocessing.”

  • Dev Chandwani,

    BusinessDevelopment Director,

    Deceuninck Profiles IndiaPvt. Ltd.

Just when you think youhave known art enough, it surprises you with creativity beyond imagination.Legend Art is synonymous with what artistry is all about. It brings aestheticsand elegance to the front by adapting to the style of your spaces with itsperfect design and detailing.

Our Legend Art Door systemadds value to your spaces while keeping comfort intact. With its modern andsimple design, colour alternatives, and elegant finishing, the system stressesits importance to aesthetics in harmony with the architecture and decoration ofthe spaces, shielding the space from hot weather in summers and cold weather inwinters with its impeccable design that provides thermal insulation. With itsacoustic insulation and static power feature, our Legend Art system offerseco-friendly products.


Featuresof Legend Art

What sets Legend Artapart are its features.

SuperiorInsulation:The heat transmission coefficient (Uf) of the Legend Art System, which has anexcellent thermal insulation with its 5-chamber design and 70 mm width, isdetermined as 1.1 – 1.5 W/m2 K. Thanks to its elegant thin eardesign, it allows the use of thick glass, offering a performance of less than0.9 W/m2 K in window thermal insulation.

Staticpower: TheLegend Art System provides compliance with every detail with its product range.Even in regions where the wind is high, the most suitable solutions can beeasily reached with static centre and façade profiles.

AcousticPerformance:The Legend Art System, the existing insulation properties of PVC and themulti-compartment structure of the Legend Art System transform even areas thatrequire maximum acoustic insulation into a perfect living space.

In addition to creating ahealthier environment with high insulation rates, our product also shines withfeatures such as longevity, low maintenance requirements, and 100 per centrecyclability at the end of their service lives, and easy reprocessing.

Deceuninck aims for amore liveable world – for children and a more sustainable life. In lines withthese goals, Deceuninck started using 100 per cent recycled TPE gaskets since2000 and does not use lead and other heavy metals in the manufacturing of anyof its products and performs its profile manufacturing with environment friendlycalcium – zinc stabilisers.


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Technical Specifications

Profile Width

: 70mm

Number of Chambers

: 5

Number of Gaskets

: 2/3 (Middle Gasketed)


: TPE Grey/Black



Glass Thickness

: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 44mm and 58mm


: TS EN 12608-1

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient

: 1.1- 1.5w / m2K



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