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JSW Cement partners withYalochat to offer its customers ease of doing business through AI-based digitalinterventions; introduces conversational commerce service in India.


JSW Cement, India’s leadingGreen Cement producer and part of US$ 12 billion JSW Group is digitizing itsSales and Marketing operations to provide channel partners ease of doingbusiness by leveraging AI-based digital interventions. It has partnered with Yalochat,world’s leading conversational commerce service provider, to introduce AI-based‘Anytime Anywhere Business’ transactions for its trade customers.

The Yalochat partnershipenables JSW Cement to upsell, transact, and provide better service to its customersover messaging apps like WhatsApp. This will differentiate JSW Cement as ittraverses from current 14 MTPA to 25 MTPA capacity by FY2023.

JSW Cement has majorpresence in East, West and Southern regions of India. As part of thisdigitization initiative, JSW Cement is rolling out AI-based MobileTechinterventions including conversational commerce services for its Trade Channelsacross all the markets.

This digitization effortcombined with its field-force interventions is expected to achieve higher efficiencyin business and better customer service to the market.

Says Nilesh Narwekar, CEO ofJSW Cement, “We have embedded digital interventions across all workingpractices of our frontline sales workforce and are in the process of extendingthese to the channels as well. The digital transformation of our sales andmarketing operations will help drive efficiency and effectiveness to createfrontline impact. Introduction of mobile-tech in Supply Chain equips our salesforce with data at their fingertips. This helps them to analyse and evaluatechannel performance and enable faster decision-making to support the requirementof our trade network.”

Continuing on this journey, thecompany is now extending the benefits of these digital interventions to their dealersand have chosen WhatsApp as a medium to offer conversational commerce services.This will enable them to place orders anytime of the day wherever they are,measure performance, get their account statement, thereby remaining connectedwith their business.

JSW Cement has digitized theoutbound marketing functions through MobileTech interventions. Thesetechnologies are enabling the Company’s sales force to seamlessly interact withits channel partners as well as receive orders. It has launched AI-basedMobileTech tools specifically designed to facilitate its channel partners theease of doing business with the Company. These include:

WhatsApp-based DealerAssistance Intervention to facilitate Order placement & transaction-relateddealer interactions.


Conversational commerce ise-commerce done through various means of conversations and uses technology,such as speech recognition, speaker recognition, natural language processing,and artificial intelligence. Research has revealed that the ongoing, trustingand personal connections developed between brands and customers throughpersonal conversations leads to better service for the customer as well asnew business opportunities for the company. Hence, conversational commerce isemerging as a huge opportunity in driving customer service as well as digitalsales.

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