After learning of the need for medical equipment,team members worked to develop solutions that would answer the call for help

REDMOND,WA (April 21, 2020) – As communities, states,and countries around the globe continue to address the health crisis created byCOVID-19, personal protection equipment (PPE) for medical personnel and firstresponders remains in high demand. To help address this need in their community,team members from Genie, a Terex brand, headquartered in Redmond, Wash., havebeen working on a concept that will allow them to produce medical equipment fora local hospital.
The effort began witha face shield design developed by Jim Donaldson, Genie Engineering DesignManager, Terex AWP. Donaldson explains: “After watching a video about the typesof medical equipment our hospitals needed, I thought we would be able to makethe face shields that go over the N95 masks. I went to the store and bought asponge, bungee cord and a poster that came packaged in a plastic tube. I cut upthe tube to make the shield, and then I attached the sponges and bungee cord.”
Donaldson shared hisidea with Matt Fearon Genie President, Terex AWP, who agreed it was a conceptworth exploring. Working with team members from project management, engineeringand sourcing, the initial design was refined, and long-time supplier, AllegisCorporation, stepped in to source the materials necessary, even developing a customtool to stamp out the shield shape.
“Our supplier really helpedwith moving this project forward — and moving it forward so quickly,” Donaldsonsaid.
With the designupdated, Fearon, Donaldson and a small team of engineers and project managers thenmet with representatives from Overlake Medical Center, located in Bellevue,Wash., to gain a better understanding of the hospital’s needs, feedback on theface shield design, as well as to determine if there were any other ways theGenie team could help. 
As a result of thatmeeting — and with the knowledge that the need for PPE is indeed great andimmediate — the Genie team expects to begin production of the face shields inRedmond, Wash., on April 14th. The material the team has on handshould be enough to produce an initial 4,000 to 5,000 face shields for OverlakeMedical Center. Whether the Genie team will produce more than the initialdonation of face shields will depend on availability of the material, as wellas the need.

However, the team hasfound other ways to help. In addition to the face shields, the Genie team developeda process for manufacturing face coverings using material provided by thehospital and a heat-sealing process to create seams and pleats. “Finding thematerial to create the bands that go over the ears was actually a realchallenge due to the high demand,” explains Roger Bowie, Terex Business Systems(TBS) Manager. “But the team thought through that problem until they had asolution, identifying a way to use material that was readily available to makefabric strips that could be used for ties.” Bowie adds that when productionbegins on April 14, the team expects to produce one face covering every minute.
Additionally, Genie engineershave used the company’s 3D printing capabilities to make some custom parts,which allowed critical hospital PPE to be put back into service quickly.

“Our Genie team wasanxious to help, the Overlake team pointed us in the direction of the highestneed and together, we made great things happen,” said Fearon. “I am proud of,but not surprised by, the initiative and innovation of our team members. Theyheard about a critical need, and they didn’t hesitate to step up to thechallenge — they focused on finding solutions, and they acted quickly becausethey knew the need was urgent. Our team in China jumped in by air shipping 1,000N95 masks at a time when there was a severe shortage of masks in the U.S. Theseare unprecedented times and overcoming the challenges we face locally, andglobally, will require everyone to do what they can to help. I am excited that wehave found such meaningful ways to help our local community and could not be prouderto lead this team in good times and in challenging times.”
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