Together,these business have raised Vietnam’s construction industry standard to a newlevel.



HANOI,VIETNAM (14 August 2019)– Tuyet Nga Company Limited (TNC), one of Vietnam’s most recognizable brands inthe access equipment sector, and Genie are celebrating 20 years of workingtogether and growth momentum with community service.


Discovering cuttingedge technology of Genie by chance.

The successful relationshipbetween the twobusinesses was forged in 1999 when Mdm Tran Kim Dzung, President of Tuyet Nga,discovered the cutting-edge technology and safety features that Genie®aerialwork platforms (AWPs) haveto offer — a big contrast to the scaffolding that theVietnamese construction industry used at the time. “I chanced upon Genieequipment in a construction magazine. I was impressed by how high tech theirmachineswere. I immediately knew I need to work with them to bring our constructionindustry standard to a new level,” says MdmDzung.


Herinitiative came at a time when Genie was already discussing opportunities topenetrate the Vietnam market. “TNC stood out from the very start —the fact thatMdmDzung personally sent us a fax, as well as immediately ordered a containerof push-around aerials, quickly opened up the market for us,” says Jim Barr,Vice President, APAC, Terex AWP.


Hitting 100% shipyardmarket share.


Inearly 2000s, the shipyard industry in Vietnam was booming. The synergy betweenTNC and Genie allowed them to quickly dominate the shipyard repair andmaintenance sector.“One of thebiggest milestones for Genie and Tuyet Nga in our journey was obtaining 100 percent  of the shipyard market share from2003 to 2008,” says Daniel Ho, Vice President, Asia, Terex AWP.


Meeting the higherexpectations of foreign contractors at the right time.

Investmentsfrom foreign companies drove the civil and industrial construction sectors’growth. The demand for MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms) was also spurredby the entry of foreign contractors from developed countries such as Germany, theUnited States, Australia, Korea, Japan and Singapore, drawn by large-scaleprojects such as the construction of the new airport terminal. They hold higherstandards for project management and safety issues, hence increasing therelevance for MEWPs.


Withthe Vietnamese government focusing on reducing accident rates at jobsites, TNCdecided to be a trailblazer in the industry by maintaining a 100% Genie fleet.“Genie already hada good track record and strong branding with foreigncompanies. We brought in this knowledge and experience as we worked with TNC ongetting the right equipment, as well as providing the same level of servicestandards for their clients locally,” says Sharon Foong,General Manager forSoutheast Asia, Terex AWP.


Capturing theuntapped rental market through mutual support and collaboration.

PhanVan Anh, Vice General Director, TNC, added, “As TNC business grew, we wanted toexpand into the rental business. However, we didn’t have enough experience.Genie was instrumental in guiding us in setting up this new business unit. Itwas an untapped industry that we managed to dominate by giving excellentcustomer support.”


MdmDzungconcurred:“We could not have come this far without all the hard work and dedication ofGenie and TNC staff and leaders.What better way to celebrate this milestonethan to give back to society.”


Showinggratitude by giving back to society.

On 14 August 2019, Terexand TNC sponsored the “Autumn of Love” programme at the National Hospital ofPediatrics. The two businessesgave away 50 million VND worth of medicaltreatment for 30 patients facing challenging circumstances,as well asoffered200 meals to the patients and their families. They also donated three pediatricpumps tothe hospital. The total support amounted to 120 million VND.


About Terex

TerexCorporation is a global manufacturer of lifting and material processingproducts and services delivering lifecycle solutions that maximize customerreturn on investment. Major Terex brands include Terex, Genie and Powerscreen.Terex solutions serve a broad range of industries, including construction,infrastructure, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, refining, energy,utilities, quarrying and mining. Terex offers financial products and servicesto assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex FinancialServices. More information about Terex is available on its website:, and onits LinkedIn page -- and Facebookpage -- .

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