Safety first

Automated parking systems mean greater safetyfor the public and fewer liabilities for developers or property owners, writes Ajay Raina.

While we see a spurt in users and sellers ofmechanical and automated parking systems to meet the regulatory demands and tosave space in valuable real estate, we still ignore some risks involved

  • AjayRaina, Director and CEO, Tedra Automotive SolutionsPrivate Limited.


For real estate developers, parking structuresare often a necessary evil. They are usually not pleasant to look at and theytake valuable real estate space that could be used for something else. Perhapsworst of all, though, these structures represent significant liabilities forthe owner.

As essential as parking structures are for thesuccess of a commercial property, they could also be dangerous. Accidents canhappen while drivers are circling for a parking space; negotiating a parkingspace, someone can break into cars while they are unattended, and people can beassaulted while walking to their cars alone, late at night.


SafetyBenefits of Automated Parking

By implementing automatedparking solutions at commercial or residentialproperties, developers and property owners can create parking that is muchsafer for their customers and reduce their liabilities.

Because the vehicle is transferred to a secureparking spot inside the garage, which is inaccessible to the public, via arobotic or mechanical car parking system, automated parking technology offers asignificant number of advantages in terms of safety:

Lessaccidents: For example, in a typical parking structure,users must find their own parking spaces by driving through the structure. Thiscreates the potential for accidents, because users may be distracted since theyare looking for an open space. In an automated parking structure, however, carsare moved via a robotic system directly to the parking spaces, eliminating theneed to drive around the structure to find one.

Decreasedchance of theft: An automated parking structure also helpseliminate the risk of theft. In a typical parking structure, vehicles are left unattendedwhile the owner conducts his or her business inside. This places the vehiclesat risk of being broken into — especially in dark or secluded areas of thegarage.

On the other hand, an automated parking systemsafely stores a vehicle in a parking spot that cannot be accessed by the publicor anyone else other than authorized personnel. Therefore, there is practicallyno opportunity for a thief to break into a car.

Improvedpersonal safety: Finally, because the car owner doesn’t have towalk directly to – or, from – his or her car, automated parking systems offermuch greater personal safety than traditional parking structures. The drivercan wait for his or her car to be retrieved in a safe and secure transfercabin. What’s more, because a transponder is needed to enter the garage doors,there is an extremely low chance that any unauthorized person could enter theparking structure.

For these and many other reasons, automatedparking systems mean greater safety for the public and fewer liabilities fordevelopers or property owners.

While we see a spurt in users and sellers ofmechanical and automated parking systems to meet the regulatory demands and tosave space in valuable real estate, we still ignore some risks involved. Thiscould be due to the lack of regulatory guidelines for car parking unlike whatwe have for the elevator industry, and also for want of knowledge andexperience, considering that car parking is relatively a nascent concept.

In absence of any safety and design regulationin this industry in India, Tedra is amongst the very few companies in parkingsector that has voluntarily sought ISO 9001 certification and validation foreach of its activities, be it Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Sales, and Maintenance,thus ensuring that each activity is conducted keeping in mind the safety of endusers and performance of the product.

If you want to learn more about automatedparking systems and how they can benefit your property, contact:



Tedra Automotive Solutions Private Limited is dedicatedtowards advising and providing customised automated parking solutions to itscustomers.


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