A ‘Voice of the Customer’ product

Manitowoc adds Potain MCT 135to growing topless tower crane line-up in Asia range. 

  • Two options areavailable, with either a 6 t or 8 t maximum capacity.

  • The MCT 135 meets growingcustomer demand for smaller topless cranes.

  • Its compact, versatiledesign enables operation in close proximity to other cranes.

Manitowoc’s facility in Zhangjiagang, China, iscontinuing to respond to customer demand for powerful yet compact and cost-effectivetower cranes with the introduction of a new model towards the lower end of itsgrowing topless Potain range. The latest addition is the MCT 135, available in6 t (H6) and 8 t (H8) versions, with a maximum jib length of 60 m and a heightunder hook of up to 50.9 m. As ever, the new crane is a product of Manitowoc’sextensive ‘Voice of the Customer’ process, which ensures all new designs areideally suited to project needs.

Engineered with urban and infrastructure projectsin mind, the crane benefits from an intelligent, compact design, with itscomplete top section including maximum jib traveling in just five containers. Onceerected – a simple process that can be achieved in less than 1.5 days on awell-prepared site – the MCT 135’s topless design enables it to comfortablyoperate alongside several similar cranes.

“Byspeaking to customers, we saw an opportunity to develop a new Potain toplessmodel that is optimized for congested spaces,” said Kwong-Joon Leong, regionalproduct manager for Asia – Tower Cranes, Manitowoc. “The speed and flexibilityof the MCT 135 is sure to make it a popular choice for contractors. Adding thismodel means our customers have a greater choice than ever, allowing them toselect the ideal topless Potain model for any application.”

Quick andeasy

Increasingthe MCT 135’s suitability for tight working conditions is the option of twocounter-jib set-ups. With the full 15.2 m counter-jib, 1.5 t can be lifted atthe 60 m jib end by both the H6 and H8 models. With the shorter 12.6 mcounter-jib, the H6 model lifts 2.0 t at 55 m, while the H8 will lift 1.9 t at55 m.

Potain’spopular 1.6 m (L46) mast sections feature in the design, with their pinnedjoints offering fast, easy connection for quicker installation. For optimum flexibility,the seven jib sections allow owners to tailor the crane in configurationsoffering 30 m to 60 m of horizontal reach.

Asexpected, performance is another key focus with the crane offering impressivelift ability across the entire load curve. The H6, for instance, can lift its 6.0t maximum out to 19.3 m when assembled with its full 60 m jib.

Forthe H8 version, 4.0 t can be lifted at over 28 m with the full jib in place;and this increases to 32.6 m when a shorter 40 m jib is installed. The crane’smaximum capacity of 8.0 t can be lifted out to 15.3 m when working with thefull jib, or out to 17.6 m with a 40 m jib.

Thelatest frequency-controlled mechanisms ensure lifting operations are conductedat an optimal rate, whether through high-speed movements for material transferor super slow speeds for precise positioning.


Multiple mechanism choice

TheH8 benefits from the 40 LVFC 20-1 Optima hoist that also features on the MCT185 which launched in March. The hoist allows the MCT 135 to raise 1.0 t at upto 98 m/min, and 4.0 t at 40.5 m/min via its 30 kW motor. It also offers animpressive 375 m rope capacity.

Witha 22 kW motor and a 400 m rope capacity, the H6’s 33 LVF 15 Optima can raise0.75 t at 102 m/min, and 3.0 t at 36 m/min. Benefiting from the continuouslyvariable speed control, both models now offer a 25 per cent increase inlowering speeds compared with earlier Potain models in this capacity classfitted with standard non-Optima hoists.

Eachmodel has two trolley options. Common to both is the 4 kW-rated 6 DVFC 4-2,offering continually variable speeds of up to 80 m/min. Alternatively, the H6’s4 D3 V4 provides three speed options of up to 15, 30 and 58 m/min, while the 5D3 V4 on the H8 gives the operator the benefit of 18, 36 and 70 m/min speeds. Achoice of two identical slewing motor options apply to the H6 and H8, toppingout at 0.96 rpm for the more powerful model.

Designedto offer a long service life, and featuring a five-year warranty on structuralparts, the new tower crane has undergone extensive testing right from thedesign stage at Manitowoc’s Product Verification Centre in the Zhangjiagangplant. The Potain MCT 135 is available across a range of markets, includingAsia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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