Work up, over, and around more easily, without inteeference

Around a corner, over an obstacle, on a slope oruneven ground, indoor of outdoor: the Toucan from JLG Industries can do it all.Little wonder then that it is ideal for almost every company involved inmaintenance, construction, inspection or any other work at a height. 


The world’s leading designer, manufacturer andmarketer of access equipment, JLG Industries’ diverse product portfolioincludes leading brands, such as JLG® mobile elevating work platforms;, JLG and SkyTrak® telehandlers,and an array of complementary accessories that increase the versatility andefficiency of these products. With the JLG Toucan Vertical Boom Lift,the company has offered its customers ideal equipment for working up, over and around assembly lines,shelving, ductwork or patriations more easily and without interference.

Transportability:With a stowed height of only 2.0 meters and a large ground clearance,the Toucan can be transported very compact. With a total of four attachmentpoints, between the wheels and on the mast, you can safely secure it fortransport.

The Toucan is equipped with two lifting points. Thestowed length of the 8, 10 and 12 is 2m10, 2m85, and 3m65 respectively.

Versatilein use: The Toucan has compact dimensions, is weatherproof,and allows you to put hard to reach areas within reach. And, it is easy totransport too! That makes the Toucan suitable for almost every company involvedin maintenance, construction, inspection or other work at height. Around acorner, over an obstacle, on a slope or uneven ground, indoor of outdoor: theToucan can do it. 

Minimalmaintenance: The Toucan has two low-maintenance electricmotors, low-maintenance AGM batteries, and protected hydraulics with sevenanti-leak hoses. The battery also has an automatic filling unit.

The master cylinder of the mast is easilyaccessible without disassembling the mast and also vital parts of the engineare easily accessible and to service. Through the status display, you havedirect access to error codes, default settings and perform calibration.

Carefreeand safe: At the bottom of the Toucan, all moving partsare concealed in the pothole protection system. Should the bottom be touched,for example when driving over uneven terrain, essential parts will not bedamaged.

The powerful engines allow the Toucan to driveat an angle of incline of 25 degrees without faltering. The control unit of theplatform is placed centrally and, thus, suitable for right- and left-handers. Metalprotective brackets ensure that you never accidentally touch a control buttonor the joystick.

Maintenancefriendly: Thanks to the electric motors, the protectedhydraulics with seven anti-leak hoses and the maintenance-free AGM batteriesrequire virtually no maintenance for the Toucan. Vital parts are easy toservice. Error codes and settings are directly accessible via the status display,which makes the Toucan always quickly operational again.

Zeroemission: Thanks to its electric motors, the Toucanoperates completely emission-free. This means that the user does not sufferfrom exhaust fumes, nor does the environment.

The JLG Toucan series are compact and theturntable can rotate 345 degrees, with the jib offering vertical articulationof 120 degrees (plus 60 degrees and plus 60 degrees). The direct electricsystem means that the drive is exceptionally smooth, and makes for easy positioning,even in tight working areas. The Toucans can be driven when the mast iselevated for increased productivity – the drive speed is automatically reducedfor safety.

The Toucan is ideal for hard-to-reachworkspaces. You can manoeuvre it in hard-to-reach situations, and easily up andover obstacles. The compact telescopic mast (available on the T12 and T12EPlus) and the jib (available on all models) are easy to use, and the push levercontrols are ergonomically designed, comfortable to operate, and well protectedfrom potential damage.

Toucan is easy to transport, incrediblyversatile, and easy to maintain. This makes the Toucan suitable formaintenance, cleaning, inspection and other working at height tasks, forwhich outreach is required. Around a corner, over an obstacle, or in thetightest of spaces ­– the Toucan puts hardto reach areas within reach! 

The proportional joysticks make operation andpositioning extremely easy via which, on the control panel, you can intuitivelydetermine the positioning. Intuitive controls allow you to adjust the drivespeed, raise and rotate the mast, and operate the jib.

Clear graphics on the control panel tell youwhich actions you can perform. The ground control panel displays battery levelstatus – as well as the recharging state – error messages, and fault codes.

JLGToucan models

The Toucan comes in three basic models withdifferent ranges:

  • The 8E comes to over 8.0 meter height,compact machine length of 2.10 m.

  • The 10E comes to over 10 meters at a rangeof 3m38.

  • The 12E reaches almost 12 meters, with arange of 5m10.

  • And, then, there is the 12E Plus. ThisToucan is over 12.5 meters high and has a range of 6m20.

  • The 8E and 10E are also available in anextra light L-version.

  • The 8E is available with XL platform.


JLGToucan and Safety: Carefree and safeworking

Several features ensure safe and carefreeoperation. These include a passive pothole protection system, which providesadditional support in the event of a wheel being driven into a hole while theplatform is elevated.

The maximum platform workload is 200 kilogramsand the integrated load sensing system prevents the platform from beingelevated when overloaded.

Theplatform control unit is centrally located, making it suitable for right- andleft-handed users, and metal protective brackets prevent accidental movement.Importantly, Toucan mast boom lifts are now fitted with JLG’s anti-entrapmentsystem, SkyLine.

Thiswas developed after extensive research and testing to further enhance operatorsafety. When activated, SkyLine stops all functions in use, and its uniquefunctionality (the first-of-its-kind), temporarily reverses most functions fora short period of time.


JLGToucan and Benefits: Indoor and outdoor

As the Toucans are electrically operated, theyare completely emission-free, which is kinder to both the user and theenvironment. They also offer near-silent running – so they can be usedout-of-hours or in noise-sensitive applications. The powerful AC drive motorsenable the Toucans to drive up an incline of 25 per cent (or up to 30 per centon the T12 and T12E Plus models).

The Toucans benefit from direct electric drivevia two motors fitted directly on the wheels. Aside from boosting thecontrollability of the machine, this helps to deliver industry-leading runtimes from a single battery charge. All Toucan booms are fitted with dualvoltage, self-seeking, on-board battery chargers. When in the stowed position, theToucans can reach a drive speed of up to 6km/hr.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Toucanscan be used both indoors and outdoors. The controls and status display arewater and dust protected, and the machines are wind-rated for outdoor-use.

Thanks to all these protections against weatherinfluences, the Toucan is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.


JLGToucan and maintenance

The Toucan boom requires minimal routinemaintenance due to the electric motors, protected hydraulics – with sevenanti-leak hoses – and the maintenance-free AGM batteries. Service parts are easyto access and, importantly, the mast does not have to be removed to carry outthe annual chain inspections. Last, but not least, the Toucan display panelgives the user or technician easy to read fault codes for quick diagnosis andrepairs.


NOTE: A certificate is not required tooperate the Toucan. However, a certificate always recommended when operating anaerial platform. This way you know best where to go pay attention. Beforestarting work with a Toucan mast boom lift, please check with your local JLGrepresentative for full details of the regulations and certificationsapplicable in your region. Adequatetraining should be given on any equipment used in the workplace.


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