Maximum reach and flexibility
With the new MFA jib, PALFINGER has increased the maximum reach of the TEC crane series by another 5.5 metres. Above all, the new application from PALFINGER will meet the special requirements for longer reach and greater flexibility from customers in the height logistics industry. The MFA jib can be used to lift loads to previously inaccessible positions and, as a result, perform extraordinary operations.
A variety of existing attachments supports its flexibility. With the new MFA jib, the crane can now be perfectly equipped for height logistics tasks that require an even longer reach. Both, a rigid and swivelling version are being introduced.
The optional angle adjustment of between +20° and -60° makes it possible to perform operations above projecting edges that were previously inaccessible for the crane, uniting the benefits of a mechanical extension with the flexibility of a fly jib. The MFA jib permits a maximum lifting capacity of 350–650 kg and can also be used for rope winch operation.

Time and cost savings, and ease of use
The MFA jib is connected to the standardised multifunction adapter (MFA). For users, the big advantage of this universal connection is that all the attachments can be secured and exchanged quickly and easily. In practice, this results in huge time and cost savings.

New TOOL software function
The MFA jib is integrated in the electronic high-performance stability control system (HPSC) using the new TOOL software function. TOOL enables the various additional devices connected via the MFA to be included in the calculation of the stability limit for P-Profile cranes.

Requirements and availability
Like the multifunction adapter, the MFA jib is available for all cranes in the TEC series and fly jibs with P-Profiles and is available now.
Fit for the job
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Hot on hot!
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