Setting a benchmark in innovation

AC-Crystacrete is a crystalline durabilityadmixture that enhances and extends the durability of concrete, writes Vivek Naik.

Itmust be noted that AC-Crystacrete doesn’t replace concrete admixture; rather, theyact as an additive. It starts acting when it comes in contact with moisture andstops the further penetration.”

  • VivekNaik, MD & Founder, Apple Chemie India Pvt Ltd. 

Over the years, technology has benefitted every industry.Innovation coupled with technology has only been catalytic to this pace. Whileevery industry has reaped its benefits, the construction industry has beenrather hesitant to this change.

It would not be an overstatement if we say thatinnovation in the construction industry has been very sheepish. If there hasbeen some innovation, its adoption has not been to completely replace thetraditional practices.

When AC-Crystacrete was introduced, there wasthe usual hesitance amongst the industry about it. But, what was completelyrevolutionary with its introduction was that it soon took over the initialhesitancy. Since its introduction in the market, we have only received positivereviews about it.

Let me tell you very briefly how Team AppleChemie was able to achieve this feat.

While many things affect the durability of astructure, moisture is one of the worst. When concrete dries, it is left withpores and voids into it. These voids act as a gateway for moisture to enter andpenetrate as deeply as to reach steel reinforcement bar.

The moisture contains hazardous chemicals likeChloride and other environmental gases entering into the concrete. When theconcrete is subject to these conditions, it gets damaged to its core.

The moisture inside the pores also develops apore pressure which may turn the pores into cracks. The cracks now act as asmooth passage for moisture to enter, thereby damaging the structure even more.

AC-Crystacrete is a crystalline durabilityadmixture that enhances and extends the durability of concrete. It formscrystals and blocks the pores and voids evident in concrete. This preventsmoisture from entering the pores or any micro spaces in concrete, thus impartinga solid and strong concrete inner structure.

It must be noted that AC-Crystacrete doesn’treplace concrete admixture; rather, they act as an additive. It starts actingwhen it comes in contact with moisture and stops the further penetration. Hence,the entry of chemicals and gases with moisture also gets halted.

It also has the unique ability of self-healing. Thisinnovative property of the product ensures bridging of the minor cracks up to0.5mm. This revolutionary property, called as ‘Self-healing’, will be a gamechanger in the industry.

The construction industry needs products like AC-Crystacrete.I have a few reasons to say so. Firstly, the dire need for innovation to findacceptability.

There is a huge void in the innovation space inthe construction industry. With good research and development, this space canbe filled. AC-Crystacrete has been successful in that space. Since itsintroduction in the market, it has been a huge hit amongst contractors andbuilders and being used across various government and private mega projects.

The second reason that I believe AC-Crystacretehas been a benchmark in innovation is its potential to bring change withrespect to sustainability. It is not only significant for companies to acceptthe idea of sustainability but it is their duty as well.

We, as innovators, have a moral obligation tosociety. One way to do this is by reducing construction costs. With AC-Crystacrete’sapplication, the structure achieves its desired durability along with asubstantial reduction in maintenance costs.

AC-Crystacrete is more eco-efficient. With the increasingpopulation in urban areas, there is a need for the construction industry tocreate products to serve the requirements of affordable housing as well associal, transportation, and utility structures.

India is growing rapidly and with that,innovation needs to grow as well. It needs indigenous innovation rather than animporter of it. With initiatives like ‘Make in India’, more and more domesticmanufacturers should venture into the innovative space and invest in R&D.

Products like Crystacrete with CE certificationand only ISI approved product are examples of international standard productsthat can be manufactured in India and can also be exported. Currently, AppleChemie is the largest manufacturer of this product in India and can supply theproduct in 30MT bulkers.

With our commitment toinnovation, Apple Chemie manufactures more than 200 types of constructionchemicals like admixtures, waterproofing compounds, curing compounds, sealants andadhesives, and other such construction chemicals. These products are used invarious sectors, such as infrastructure, housing and real estate, roadprojects, and irrigation. The company is an ISO:9001 certified company frommore than 15 years and will continue to strive hard to make the future moredurable and sustainable through its valuable contribution


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